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What is Ectoberfest?

ECTOberfest is an annual program benefiting local charities. We use the Halloween-themed vehicles from Colorado Movie Cars to take people between Denver's largest haunted houses. The houses donate VIP access to the haunts, so you get to arrive in the ECTO-1, skip the lines, and all the money raised goes to helping kids!

What do donors receive?

The Ghostbusters ECTO-1 will take you and your friends to Denver's largest and scariest haunted houses, where you will arrive in the most amazing Halloween style you could possibly imagine! ECTOberfest participants receive VIP access, which means you skip the lines and go straight into the haunt. Technically, you even skip the VIP line! After the haunts, you will take a trip through Downtown, where the mere sight of these iconic vehicles results in an extremely fun, unbelievably awesome commotion! Authentic Ghostbusters flightsuits and gear are provided for the donors' use if they want to look the part as well! These aren't those flimsy store-bought costumes, these are the real deal! At the end of the night, we'll stop for photos, both with whatever cameras/phones you bring along and also with our professional low-light camera.

Who does it benefit?

ECTOberfest 2016 is partnered with the Don't Be a Monster anti-bullying program, which utilizes the Halloween theme in a meaningful manner by educating students on the consequences of bullying, while also providing funds to organizations that promote an anti-bullying message. Dozens of schools in 18 cities across the country will receive Don't Be a Monster presentations in 2016, in accordance with National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month.


What is the history of EctoberFest?

ECTOberfest started in 2010 under the name EctoTours as a way to take the enthusiasm and excitement generated by the Colorado Movie Cars and direct it toward helping the community. For the first few years we partnered with Children's Hospital Colorado. In 2010 we raised about $700. In 2011 we raised just over $2,000. In 2012 we set our goal at $5,000, but ended up raising more than $10,000 for Children's Hospital. Since then we have raised more than $32,000 for local charities!

It has always been our goal to support smaller, local causes and in 2013 we began a partnership with Don't Be a Monster.

$32,000 Raised for Colorado charities since 2010

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make a reservation?

Call (844)720-3286 or visit coloradomoviecars.com.

When can I go?

ECTOberfest takes place on weekend evenings starting in October and going through November 1st. Each vehicle makes two nightly runs. The Early Run starts at 5PM and the Late Run begins at 9PM. Once our weekend runs are filled, we will open weeknights for reservations!

Which haunted attractions will I see?

The tour includes seven haunted attractions at three locations:

Will we have to wait in line?

No lines! We pull up, lights and siren screaming, people diving out of the way, cameras going off like crazy, you hop out and we escort you straight to the front of the line! You get your pants scared off and it's on to the next haunted house!

How many people can ride in each car?

The Ecto-1 seats 4 occupants plus a driver. If you have a group larger than 4, we will bring in our spare Ecto-Flex vehicle from Colorado Springs, which can seat up to 7 occupants plus a driver.

How much does it cost?

The tour package is $700 and includes room for up to four people. Each additional passenger is $175. This price includes pick-up, transportation to every haunt, VIP+ tickets to the haunts, the option to wear one of our authentic Ghostbusters flightsuits and gear, transportation back to the parking area, and professional digital photographs. There are NO extra charges or fees, and 100% of the money raised goes to the supported cause!

Are we allowed to drink?

Alcohol is not allowed in the cars at any time. Plus, of all the people we've taken to the haunts, drunk people are the only ones who have felt the haunts "weren't scary." Seriously, drinking ruins the scares, so maybe wait til after!

Can I take my kids?

The haunts aren't recommended for anyone under the age of 13. These professional scarers mean business!

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To date, ECTOberfest has raised more than $32,000 for Colorado charities. Let's get it to $40,000 in 2016!

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